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A source at Avery a division of Penguin Group publishing told The BPlot, “At the very last minute we were notified by her representative that she would not be able to commit to the promotion schedule” which included a full media tour with stops at “Today” and the hot, hot “Katie,” Katie Couric’s daytime success as well as a handful of major market book signings. The book will not be edited or changed and the price will be the same.[more below] “We have to wait until she is well enough to fully promote the book,” the publishing source continued. The boxes are sitting in a warehouse waiting to be sold.” Quivers treatment and recovery for what she said on-air was a “grapefruit-size mass” next to her bladder has been extended.Jokes that she made about the incident: 1) Her salmon dish was ruined as a result, 2) She paid for the meal by reaching into the dead man's wallet and handing over his AMEX, 3) At least left a 20% tip even though he didn't finish his meal, 4) He must've kicked the bucket after seeing her in the bright light. Rivers, the management, and paramedics told patrons that he would be fine so as to not, you know, totally freak them out. Also it should be noted, her date was elderly, so the death was not, as far as she knows, food related. Readers, please put your best jokes about Le Cirque's deadly prices, its dying breed of patrons, and the like in the comments. first of all, Le Cirque, which is such a fabulous restaurant? HOWARD STERN: So you’re on the date, at a fancy restaurant, and you’re sitting there talking having a nice conversation. he’s very quiet, HOWARD STERN: And he slumped over in the chair? I am not saying it’s not understandable but it is frustrating.” The BPlot exclusively reported in May of 2012, Quivers was preparing for live cooking demos on “Today” as well as other shows.At the time, a long-time source called Quivers – one of my favorite people when I worked at the show – a “publisher’s dream” as it relates to tireless book promotion.

Her launch party for “Quivers” was on the set of a FOX News show in midtown and included Joan Rivers, Gilbert Gottfried and many others as guests.Her new cook-slash-lifestyle book, “The Vegucation of Robin,” was scheduled to launch Tuesday (March 26) after being postponed from an original planned publication timing of Fall 2012 (holiday gift season).But just ten days ago – after review copies were mailed to media outlets, including The BPlot – the publisher notified booksellers the tome’s launch was again being postponed, this time to October 8, 2013. JOAN RIVERS: I had to reach in his pocket to get [his] American Express card. JOAN RIVERS: I said, I’ll have somebody take care of this? At what point do you get the check, by the ambulance?

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