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Is it like actors in a movie where you fall in love, or in lust, almost be default? But all this begs the question: if you've been instructed on exactly how to run your hands up and down a woman to make her feel sexy, does that make the chemistry more or less real?The effect has been cultivated through years and years of touching and connecting, on the ice and off, and she’s never been able to explain the hypnotizing influence it has on her.It’s been soothing when she needs the calm, and agitating when she has to channel her anger into movement, and commanding when she needs to be pushed from the precipice into the abyss, and steadying after a devastating fall, and powerful when she wants his strength in the final moments of a dance.She says she's too busy to date, not in the right spot for a relationship and couldn't be the type of girlfriend a guy would want.Wait: Together, driven, independant and gorgeous and too busy to be clingy? We can't wait to see what happens in her romantic life when she has time away from training!P/C have a devoted internet fandom, and figure skating wouldn't be the first organization to confuse internet fanaticism that with actual popularity and the ability to draw a crowd (Virtue and Moir have it all).“Wait,” he whispers, and it’s amazing what his voice can do to her.

Jessica Mulroney is married to Ben Mulroney who has interviewed Virtue and Moir at least twice, so there's that. All that matters is the 2D shot,so the walk is really a pose. All I know is the posing, duckface and Mulroney-fication of her wardrobe has intensified since the engagement announcement, when one would have anticipated that sort of thing would be on the wane. These two wouldn't be in the top ten without the deal making favor swapping bullshit of the past eight years, but they've already developed an enormous sense of entitlement.Just let P/C be the 7-8 time in a row World Champions and 2022 Olympic Champions and see how the sport thrives.To tie in the British Royal Family, everybody wonders if the Monarchy will survive after Elizabeth II, and I'm wondering how figure skating is going to sustain any type of interest in ice dance when Virtue and Moir disappear from the competitive scene.Otherwise, until he finds himself another girlfriend with a mysterious amount of play in her budget, he might get stuck having Tessa style him. You aren't just platonic and dating others, you're fucking others.Speaking of Tessa, with almost the entirety of relevant Skate Canada present and accounted for at the Langlois/Hay wedding, guess who was not? Jeff didn't give it a second thought, neither did Tessa, and later that year Tessa gave the green light for Fedor to tweet a photo of the two of them posing in front of an inn with Fedor "recommending" it. Scott letting us know he's getting busy with Jessica, Tessa with a desultory rotating line-up which immediately upon dating her takes up TMI habits on Twitter.

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