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That load is maintained for several hours to simulate the end of filling and the material at rest. Northwestern University Laboratory Set-Up It has been found through many laboratory trials that the particular material chosen for the formwork is of great importance in studying formwork pressure.Initial tests at UIUC were performed using cardboard tubes as might be used in the field to pour columns.

The cardboard material absorbs moisture from the concrete and swells.

This wall was filled at a relatively slow rate, maximum of 5.5 ft/hr, due to the large dimensions of the structure (5 ft thick, 80 ft long and 28 ft high). A companion test column was fabricated which involved filling a 10.5-ft tall column.

The column was filled at a rate of 60 ft/hr and the highest pressure measured one foot from the bottom.

These experimental devices are used to study pressure drop over time.

The sensors are placed at varying heights and each university uses different height columns.

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