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Lasting solutions lie in actions that lead to sustainable, systemic change.

How do we recreate a society where women feel secure?

As difficult as this conversation is, it has become a national moment, repeating itself over and over in media reports, in bars and diners and at the office water cooler. The results of these conversations will be an important measure of our society.

The conversation is essential as we continually re-examine our society’s unfolding cultural mores; like the conversation about race and (white) privilege, it is a discussion that must happen if we are to move increasingly toward justice, fairness and safety for all. Another consideration in this multi-layered dialogue is the role of admission and apology.

The flood gates that opened when Harvey Weinstein was accused by multiple women of making crude and vulgar sexual advances have spilled into a national conversation about the power differential between men and women and how men in positions of influence seek to exploit women who are often voiceless and without recourse to the instruments of retaliation that are available to men. These “degree discussions” will require continued bravery on the part of those who initiate them as well as by the accused who choose to honestly engage the charges–and, indeed, by all men.

This week, a different conversation—equally difficult—emerged organically. Once this conversation has begun, it will be incumbent upon us—men and women—to discern these differences and consider valid ethical responses.

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