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WAU strictly prohibits any material adverse action against any individual for reporting, providing information, exercising one’s rights or responsibilities under this policy, or otherwise being involved in the process of responding to, investigating, or addressing allegations of discrimination/harassment or sexual misconduct.

Therefore, retaliatory actions such as intimidation, threats or coercion against any such individual for having engaged in the above activities will be addressed seriously.

To ensure compliance with Title IX and VAWA, as well as other federal and state civil rights laws, including without limitation, the Jeanne Clery Act, and the Sa VE Act, WAU has developed internal policies that prohibit discrimination and sexual misconduct on the basis of sex. Sexual misconduct is a broad term used to describe a range of behaviors, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence, coercion, relationship violence, sexual exploitation, sexual intimidation, and stalking.

Such conduct violates the community values and principles of our institution and disrupts the living, learning, and working environment for students, faculty, staff and other community members.

WAU has jurisdiction to investigate any alleged violations of this policy that occur in the context of a university program or activity or that otherwise affect the university’s working or learning environments, regardless of whether that conduct occurred on or off campus.

In situations where the alleged sexual misconduct occurred outside of the context of a university program or activity or off-campus, and where one or more of the parties are not members of the university community, it is possible that the university's ability to investigate and/or impose disciplinary sanctions may be limited.

Community members may also be held responsible for the misconduct of their visitors and guests.

The university will not condone or tolerate any harassment, including sexual harassment, of its students, employees, volunteers, customers, guests, vendors, or suppliers.

Furthermore, no student, employee or volunteer will be required to suffer harassment, including sexual harassment or discriminatory conduct, by any customer, student, employee, guest, visitor, vendor, or supplier.

These guidelines apply to all members of the WAU community (students, faculty, staff and volunteers) as well as contractors and visitors.

WAU prohibits and will not tolerate sexual harassment, discrimination, misconduct, assault, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking, as defined in this policy, in any form.

To learn more about various resources, on-going training initiatives, and educational programs for students, faculty and staff, please consult the university’s website for more current and up-to-date information.

WAU is committed to a working and learning environment free from sexual misconduct.

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