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While the kids do not consciously choose their quirks, in the culture of the trolls, quirks are highly institutionalized, commonly going as far as using emoticons that more accurately represent the user's personal appearance, substituting letters in a fashion that convey aspects of the user's personality, and other varieties of personalization.

The degree to which a person can control his or her quirk is variable and depends on the individual.

0_0 is the only emoticon she uses, except for 0u0 (once).

Uses standard :) and :( - style emoticons after ascension, as well as using O_O rather than 0_0.

"eschew" for "issue"), which she rarely corrects with asterisks.

She also swears more, uses CAPITALS for emphasis more often, and occasionally ends clauses with commas, starting on the next line with a capital letter.

The bus driver can’t see what’s going on back there and the movement in the back is so shaky, it feels like sitting your ass on a vibrator!

The girls have brought along a camcorder to document their trip, they must be going to some game or cheerleader championship, but the real fun is going to be happening right there, in front of the cameras, as the girls loosen up and start talking about sex, and some of them do more than just talking!

A typing quirk is a systematic method of typing, in almost all cases deviating from the standard usage of punctuation and capitalization, though grammatical rules are generally upheld.Makes a point of not swearing (considering it problematic), but has used the hashtag "#Fuckin pain in the ass". Laughter is usually expressed with at least two vowels, e.g., "HAA HAA". He also breaks words at gendered terms, for example "man gaka" and "a miss." Replaces 'loo' and equivalent sounds with '100'. Censors all but the first letter of swearing with flickering, garbled text. Quirk a combination of Equius's and the Auto-Responder's.Substitutes % for x and equivalent sounds, and 100 and 001 for "loo" and "ool" and equivalent sounds. Much use of "motherfucker", like Gamzee, but unlike Gamzee's irreverent lingo, speaks with an envangelical spirit, delivering voodoo-esque sermons. When speaking in sign language to Meulin, uses rather more morbid reaction GIFs than her. Tends to use a lot of euphemisms such as 'fiddlesti%' and 'horsefeathers'. Speech patterns seem to vary between the Auto-Responder's and Equius's semi-randomly, but are not usually mixed.Quirks are commonly carried over into written text, though they may vary from the standard online usage due to the different medium.In troll culture, seeing writing in a given troll's quirk is considered validation of identity as good as recognition of handwriting.

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