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Bartram's Map very curious.' " An image of the map is provided at the Society's website.

It shows the Chesapeake and Delaware Bay area back to the mountains and is crudely drawn.

Berks County with the county seat at Reading, and Northhampton County with the county seat at Easton, were created in 1751/1752. MAPA DE UNA PARTE DE LA AMERICA SEPTENTRIONAL PARA SERBIR A LA INTELLIGENCIA DEL RAQUERDO..., a Spanish manuscript map showing the east coast from Virginia to Labrador. It appeared in Remarques sur la carte de l'Amerique Septentrionale published in 1755 and possibly as a separate sheet. A MAP OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE IN AMERICA FROM THE HEAD OF HUDSON'S BAY TO THE SOUTHERN BOUNDS OF GEORGIA, WITH THE INTERVENTION OF CANADA, published pursuant to Act of Parliament Novr. for Owen's Magazine of Magazines (Mc Corkle #750.3) . He wrote to Collinson in 1743 or 1744 that he had observed such fossils everywhere, 'even on the top of the mountain that separates the waters of Susquehanna and St.A general catalog of maps in the American Philosophical Society collections is given by Smith, M. A MAP OF THE MOST INHABITED PART OF VIRGINIA, CONTAINING THE WHOLE PROVINCE OF MARYLAND WITH PART OF PENSILVANIA, NEW JERSEY AND NORTH CAROLINA, by Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson. The image here is from a Library of Congress copy dated 1755.Although an important map for Virginia history, this one was rather quickly superseded by the Evans and Mitchell maps of 1755 and by the events of the French and Indian war.In addition to engraved published maps, a large number of manuscript maps of the Ohio valley region were made during the decade. This map appeared in several Seutter and Lotter atlases with Lotter's name alone in later editions (he was Seutter's son-in-law), such as the copy shown here.Some describe the adventures of George Washington (1753-54), and the armies of General Edward Braddock (1755) and General John Forbes (1758) in western Pennsylvania. The map includes most of New York and Maryland and extends west to just beyond the Susquehanna.

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