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It just didn’t give me a lot of faith in that whole world. Music is integral to our being – our heart makes rhythms for 90-some-odd years. ’” She soon began writing the reflective songs of hope and rebirth that would become Metaphysics, which she recorded with long-time kindred spirit Hawksley Workman (“Hawksley’s my spirit animal,” she quips) and new collaborators Daniel Romano, Joshua Van Tassel and Jean Martin (Tanya Tagaq’s drummer).The result sets Slean’s signature soaring vocals to rhythmic programming and dramatic strings.

When I stumble upon a good one—usually by a Toronto designer—I buy a spare. 5 | My piano shell When I toured in the States in the early 2000s, I had to bring a keyboard with me.1 | My mini paints I got these when I was on tour in Stockholm in 2004. I like to do a quick watercolour to pass the time on airplanes.2 | My stage dresses A good stage dress is hard to find.In October 2006, Slean released a mostly-live album, Orphan Music, which consists of songs recorded live at Toronto's Harbourfront Theatre and the Vancouver East Cultural Centre.Other new tracks featuring Slean and the piano were recorded at DNA Recording Facility in Toronto and Kensaltown Studios in the UK.

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