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I couldn’t actually tell you where the South Downs Way starts in the city of Winchester.

My guide book seemed suitably vague – suggesting it was somewhere near a youth hostel.

The Way walks from one end to the other of the forthcoming South Downs National Park.

The prices above are based on sectors of less than 20 miles and travelling west to east, ie Winchester to Eastbourne.

Apparently it’s very nice inside, however I didn’t pop in.

Passing by a miltary training area, with suitably churned up fields, I spent some time trampling alongside fields and along country lanes, stopping off on a handy embankment on a lane grandly titled “King’s Way” to eat a sandwich, before passing by The Milbury’s – an enticing looking pub which I was severely tempted to pop in having found that I’d got there about an hour earlier than I’d planned.

It was then that the heavens opened – it had been spitting on and off all day with some sort of alarming routine. Still, at least the heavy rain had waited until I’d finished!

First a few specs of water would appear on my glasses. After having a shower, a clean up and a cup of tea at The Copper Room B&B in nearby Corhampton, I was dropped back off at the Shoe Inn for an excellent meal and a couple of pints whilst reading a collection of Philip K. If you’re in the area, I can thoroughly recommend the Shoe – my confit shoulder of lamb was divine, and the goey chocolate brownie was fantastic. Tomorrow would see me walking another twelve miles to Buriton, before heading off the Way for another three miles to catch the train home at Petersfield. I’m about to begin the South Downs way tomorrow in Winchester.

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