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Expenditure on non-governmental cooperation in Tanzania amounted to €2.05 million in 2009, €1.53 million in 2010 and €1.96 million in 2011.

Non-governmental cooperation with Tanzania is provided by NGOs, universities and scientific institutes.

The Belgian Fund for Food Security currently finances seven projects to improve food security in Tanzania.

They are implemented by two NGOs (Iles de Paix and TRIAS), Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) and a multilateral organisation (FIDA) and amount to a total of €12.47 million.

News cover the leading economic sectors in Tanzania as well as the sectors that are showing signs of enormous growth potential.

Some of the sectors covered on by Tanzania Invest news include the agriculture, banking and finance, construction and real estate, economy, energy and mining, industry and trade, telecommunications, tourism, and transportation sectors.

Capital: Dodoma Human Development Index ranking (2013): 152/187 countries Life expectancy at birth: 58.9 years Country profile HDI (UNDP): Tanzania is Belgium’s 11th partner in terms of public development aid.

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They are both in the natural resource management sector and have a link to the promotion of local government.

Both projects target the sustainable management of the environment and increased income for the local population.

This program was originally planned for the period 2003-2007, but it was eventually extended until 2009 due to a delay in execution.

The current (second) Indicative Cooperation Programme for 2010-2013 was approved at a Joint Commission held in Dar Es Salaam October 26, 2009 for an amount of EUR 60 million.

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