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Despite this renaissance, the corridor continues to be severely underserved by transportation infrastructure, leaving some neighborhoods isolated, unable to access the growing opportunities along the waterfront.Many of these neighborhoods are still suffering from high unemployment and poverty.The BQX will enhance opportunities and quality of life for everyone who lives and works along the Brooklyn Queens waterfront.The BQX is anticipated to cost approximately .5 billion to construct and approximately million per year to operate and maintain.If all stakeholders work together, the BQX can break ground by 2019.The BQX will relieve overburdened infrastructure, ensure that growth and opportunity is spread more equitably along the waterfront, and provide access to jobs, educational opportunities, and recreational amenities for everyone.BQX trains will be ADA accessible and will accommodate bicycle parking.The BQX will link neighborhoods along a 14-mile route from Astoria to Sunset Park.

As the City’s economy transitioned away from industrial production after World War II, the waterfront became increasingly underutilized and inaccessible.In fact, during this time the center of the city has shifted eastward and Brooklyn and Queens have become first-choice destinations for living and working. With the streetcar, the City has identified an investment that will help both accommodate and catalyze more equitable growth, relieving congestion in communities that have experienced growth and bringing opportunity to communities that have been disconnected from the corridor’s revitalization.The streets along the Brooklyn Queens waterfront are complex and indirect, making it difficult to service with a single bus route or Select Bus Service (SBS), the MTA’s rapid bus alternative.Add your name to support the new BQX streetcar on the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront.The BQX is a new, state-of-the-art streetcar system being planned by the City of New York.

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Based upon the impacts of transit on property values in similar conditions, this revenue is estimated to be well above the cost of constructing the BQX and will not rely upon any new residential rezonings or tax rate increases. It has the ability to impact generations of New Yorkers.

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