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He was elected in 2011 and was at one point a strong supporter of Putin, having co-authored a 2014 bill which banned the foreign ownership of Russian media, a move described by Bloomberg columnist Leonid Bershidsky as 'perhaps the single worst thing that happened to press freedom as an institution in Putin's Russia'.

But he later changed his position and defected to the Ukraine and since coming to Kiev he had testified against Ukraine's ex-President Yanukovych, who was blamed for the violent crushing of demonstrations by anti-Russian protesters in Kiev's Maidan Square in February 2014.

Ethnic Russian separatists have set up a rebel republic in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine and Russia annexed the Crimea, which is dominated by ethnic Russians, in the summer of 2014.

Putin supporters were quick to reject Ukrainian allegations that Voronenkov could have been killed for betraying Russia.But had enemies in Ukraine unhappy he was welcomed here, given citizenship.'Voronenkov was wanted in Moscow on fraud charges and Russian media had reported in recent months that he owned five expensive Russian apartments and a fleet of luxury cars.His name also surfaced in the Panama Papers leak as a shareholder of a company based in the British Virgin Islands.In that interview he said he was not interested in Ukrainian politics and only wanted to raise the couple's son, whose first birthday will be next month.Russia and the Ukraine have been virtually at war with each other since President Yanukovych was ousted by Ukrainian nationalist demonstrators in February 2014.

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