Updating blu ray firmware

It is more and more recently having trouble playing blue ray movies on my i5 dell laptop and nice i5 homebuilt gaming pc. I would flash the firmware, but therein lies my problem. Otherwise, it does all the regular dvd/cd stuff just fine.

Is there any hope of updating an unknown makers firmware?

Of course once you replace your firmware with another there's not much chance the old firmware can be reset.

Considering a firmware update is a reprogramming of the machine. I already called the 1-800 number, they don't have a fix for this either.

I can't rest it either, so there it sits as a testament on a product to never purchase again.

Maybe in a 1000 years an advanced race will find it and say how antiquated it was for its time!

I apologize for the inconvenience, but hopefully, this will help resolve the issue.--HDTech Just as the other posters have said this RESET fix, didn't work.

There's a slight, unusual hum on the audio channel, but nothing that invites, suggests, or implies any action.

True, Bricks don't eject disks, or display LOAD and MENU, but other than that, it is quite brick-like.

For what it's worth, Jason in [email protected], If resetting the unit doesn't fix it, call and get a transaction number and post it here.

I've helped a number of people get their units repaired if the firmware update causes an issue. Call up, explain that it bricked due to a firmware update.

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This is just really an amazing trick Samsung is pulling...either pay for Samsung Tech support to install the old firmware, or you buy a new DVD player. this was using the then-std ISO format that has now been replaced by the rare, buggy, and to my mind, bizarre decision to use the RUF format.

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