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I bought a netgear CM 400 cable modem a couple months ago. It was working fine for a couple months and now I am getting a bunch of errors / internet drops out.I see from this page https://kb.netgear.com/000036375/What-s-the-latest-firmware-version-of-my-NETGEAR-cable-modem-or-modem-router that the latest firmware is 1.1.17 - 19 depending on the ISP (I am using optimum / cablevision in New york which isn't on the list).I called netgear and cablevision I have both Fios and Optimum in the house.Upstairs has the Optimum and Downstairs has the Gigabyte internet from Fios, I use that for work.When I had similar issues, Optimum blamed everything on my equipment.Lucky for me I had 4 spare Routers in the closet and 3 of them were new.READ ALSO: For various PC problems, we recommend to use this tool.

To update the router firmware, do the following: As you can see, updating router firmware is relatively simple and newer routers can automatically download and install the firmware updates.This button is usually located on the back, and you just need to press and hold it for ten or more seconds to reset the router.After your router resets, you’ll need to configure your settings and wireless networks again.Circle's features can be enabled on compatible NETGEAR routers after you've updated the router's firmware and enabled Circle.Below you'll find instructions on how to do that via the router web GUI.

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