Updating mepis 6 5 to current stable miami jewish dating

She already deleted a lot of the bloatware, very very little improvement. She loves it, but it only has one problem: The touchpad. Also, you might want to investigate that in the preferences for the touchpad. It is a great distro and comes installed with many additions that Ubuntu cannot come with (codecs, etc).

My girlfriend has a laptop with 2 GB of RAM and a 200 GB hard drive. She needs Linux for: 1) Java and Flash (uses youtube and games like Runescape a lot, flash and java can NOT crash) 2) Word processing (openoffice needs to work well) 3) Fast. Considering (Give us feedback on this): open SUSE Fedora Linux Mint I installed PCLinux OS Gnome on my girlfriend`s laptop and it runs very well. I loved the look of Open Suse but other than that it did not work all that well for me. If you want a proper suggestion, you have to write down your needs and wants. Everything works out of the box with both Gnome and KDE4.Otherwise you will just get some "not-to-the-point" suggestions from the community. Very stable and up to date and I much prefer the mandriva blue to the ubuntu brown.Her brother works with the provincial government, and can get copies of XP for free whenever he wishes.She uses AVG, but it isn't viruses causing the problems. Because you can't install things during a Live CD session.

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If she uses the touch to click thing, the touchpad freezes for 5 seconds again. Linux Mint is a good alternative but you said you didn't want Ubuntu (Mint is NOT Ubuntu but it is based on it). Mepis is EXTREMELY stable and has excellent hardware detection.

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