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I would prefer to just rebuild the indices, and not to delete the complete caching mailbox (because of download size).Thanks in advance, bye, Frank I'm not aware of a method to do this, but it'...Problem is, that quickfinder/find worked well until a few month ago and then find could not find any newer messages.After running gwcheck (which deleted some wrong quickfinder files) every find operation takes a very long time, so it seems that the indices became broken at all.We have uninstalled and reinstalled the client numerous times. Thanks No need to worry I found a solution that worked. Joey -- joeycheong ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do you mean that the CC: field does not auto name complete?I simply copied the mapi32from a working MS Windows Machine (folder %windir%\system32) to the same location on the machine we were having problems with. Groupwise Client 6.5.7 Cache mode problem I am using Groupwise 6.5.7 Client, when send new message in cache mode, when I type in CC field, the client cannot search any email address. Have you been able to duplicate this as another user on the same workstation or as the same user on another workstation? WS: Xp_SP2 GW8Client(russian) Gw client run in the Remote Mode.

It works with no problems in Online mode, but when we attempt to change it to cache mode it never changes from Online to Cached mode.

-- Jeff Grubbs Novell Technical Support Engineer II [email protected] GW CLient Start and user 10 min wait when will be Done: " updating of indexes of archive" Why slowly ?

Size GWREmote dir = 200 Mb Serg -- But where is the archive ?

Is there a backup of the PO going on during the time of these errors?

This overlap corrupts the process as they try to index over top of each other and access the same files.

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