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Two 1.4m LCD displays must be attached on both larger sides, displaying rich media advertising.

A keyboard and Android tablet is to be fixed on the narrow 'sidewalk' edge, with two USB type-A ports.

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Even after multiple hours of web browsing, no ill effects were observed on D-class personnel or members of the public.

In fact, follow-up testing conducted on 487 frequent users of SCP-3993's access points one month later showed quite the opposite.

The mechanism in which SCP-3993 acts to increase intelligence was identified via deep packet inspection on a modified Android device. Some forms of highly complex cutting-edge encryption – too computationally expensive for the majority of consumer devices – have proven more durable, although in recent months SCP-3993 has demonstrated the capability to circumvent even them.

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Item #: SCP-3993 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3993 is to be sheathed in a waterproof metal and plastic framework.

This problem was solved, albeit in an unconventional manner, on 2014-10-29: Macmillan: Well done, Wieteska! SCP personnel immediately moved to contain the Wi-Fi access points with Faraday cages (a hurried press release claiming "upgrades" was issued).

The cages did not completely block the access points; instead, they merelly reduced effective Wi-Fi range by 62%; SCP physicists theorised that SCP-3993 was employing a neutrino-based quantum tunnelling effect to maintain its connection.

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