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For the past two weeks, it has seemed that nearly everyone I follow on Twitter is consumed by this question.The furor arose from this season’s Episode 7 of the Bravo reality show Vanderpump Rules, called “It’s Not About the Pasta.” In it, British busser turned DJ James Kennedy got in a fight with his friend Lala Kent over whether or not she liked his girlfriend Raquel, a beauty queen who’s basically a pair of sentient false eyelashes, which led to a heated exchange about how Lala had eaten all of his girlfriend’s pasta.He tells Lala, “You fucked a fat man because he pays your rent,” and she replies, “Learn your fucking place, motherfucker, or else you’re going to learn real goddamn quick when you look next to you and I’m not there anymore,” before storming out of the restaurant.James follows her and yells at her some more, repeating three times with varying degrees of emotional exhaustion, “It’s not about the pastaaaaa,” before they cut to a talking head interview with James, again, saying, “It’s not about the pasta! Or was it about Lala not respecting James’ girlfriend, a crop top brought to life by an evil witch?"Just to have a great conversation with someone on a first time hanging out was fantastic." The new romance is a turn for the better for Stassi, who broke up with longtime boyfriend Patrick Meagher in August just before they were set to depart on an anniversary trip to Mexico."We get into an argument on our anniversary — that he did not remember — our four-year anniversary," she explained in an episode of her podcast at the time.There’s Stassi, a Bizarro Lauren Conrad and the self-absorbed former server who used to date Jax, a bartender who looks like a live-action Scar from The Lion King.Jax cheats on everyone, and is now dating Brittany, who moved all the way from Kentucky to live with him (he paid for her boob job, it’s true love!!!!

And then, of course, there’s Lala’s friend James, and his girlfriend Raquel, who are all very wound up about the pasta. Poll your friends and you’re sure to find a closet Vanderpump Rules fan, someone who’s already watched all six (THERE ARE ALREADY SIX) seasons and has clear ideas about who they like and who they don’t.Vanderpump Rules, which premiered in 2013, was originally a spinoff of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and its universe is the empire of West Hollywood restaurants and bars owned by Housewives cast member Lisa Vanderpump.There’s Sur, Villa Blanca, newest addition Pump, and the forthcoming Tom Tom, which will be opened in partnership with Vanderpump and her two dumbest (male) employees, both named Tom."When I reminded him of our anniversary, I just got, 'Aw, that's sweet.' I didn't even get a f--king daisy, not even a weed, nothing. Broken up with and told that he's not coming on our Mexican vacation that I already prepaid for." That's all ancient history now, though, since she seems happier than ever with her new Beau.And they aren't even waiting for an anniversary to travel the world!

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