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I think the song and the video is kind of painful and lovely.

While it can seem like Hollywood either portrays BPD badly or not at all, a few of our readers have pointed out some TV shows they believe accurately depict symptoms people with BPD experience, even when the characters are not officially diagnosed.

I mean, obviously, we have a really, really strong relationship.

We're not dating, but just the musicality between us and everything else has just been wonderful. Also in the call, Reinhart told reporters how she responded to celebrity support, what it was like playing with her dad on the Idol stage, whether she felt she was portrayed differently from her true personality on the show, how she reacted to the judges' constant criticism in comparison to what the other contestants received, and what kind of debut album and sound she would like to create. I don't like to look into anything that could possibly be negative, but I definitely do look at the tweets and I pretty much read everybody's that they send me and you know, getting support from [former eighth-season finalist Adam Lambert] was just amazing, because in my opinion, he's just spectacular.

I felt a real connection with her after watching a few episodes and I’m in awe at how well I could relate to a character like that.

While it’s refreshing to see a humanizing take on some BPD symptoms like these, it’s also notable that the show doesn’t go overboard and romanticize living with these symptoms.

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  1. He adds that many Indian families would not support interfaith relationships, and that this attitude is characteristic of many other cultural traditions as well.“A lot of parents feel that you’re going to dilute your culture if you date someone of a different culture,” he says.