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Abimelech learnt of Gaal’s rebellion and attacked the city from the plain to the east as the people were going out to work in the fields (-45).

Once the city had fallen Abimelech turned his attention to the stronghold of the temple of Ba’al berith, where about a thousand of the city’s inhabitants had taken refuge.

This fact has served to fuel a number of the recent theories of Israel’s origins (see 4 below), but does not mean that the original Canaanite inhabitants remained there during the conquest.

It seems far more likely that the city was captured without a fight and that it was inhabited by Israelites.

Rather than lay siege he set fire to the tower, killing the remaining citizens of the city (-49).

Abimelech himself was slain shortly afterwards attempting to repeat this procedure in the nearby city of Thebez (-55). Shechem is mentioned by David in two national laments attributed to him (Psalm 60:6-8=108:7-9). Following the death of Solomon all Israel was summoned to Shechem to make Rehoboam his son king, probably because of its historic associations.

At the conclusion of the ceremony Joshua “..a large stone and set it up there under the oak near the holy place of the Lord” (Josh.

Having found her to his liking he then persuaded his father to obtain Jacob’s consent to marry Dinah.The Hebrew name Shechem is probably derived from the word for “back” or “shoulder” - an apt description of Shechem's location in the narrow valley between Mt. In addition to Jacob’s Well (400m to the South East) it is thought that the city derived its water supply via a conduit from a cave in Mt. Jerome (345-420 AD) repeated Eusebius’ location, but elsewhere made it clear that he doubted that Shechem was anything other than the predecessor of Neapolis. It was strategically located controlling major North-South and East-West roads, but lacked natural defenses and for that reason required heavy fortification. 340 AD) and a pilgrim from Bordeaux (333 AD) placed it on the outskirts of Neapolis (modern Nablus) near Jacob’s Well.Jacob’s son’s tricked Hamor into disabling all the men of the city by persuading them to be circumcised themselves on the pretence of removing a ceremonial obstacle to intermarriage.Simeon and Levi pressed home the advantage they had gained by putting the city to the sword and rescued Dinah, who was apparently being held in Shechem’s house (34:1-31).

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Gerizim, while the fertile plain of ‘Askar provided the city with food. Modern scholarship followed Jerome until 1903 when a party of German scholars led by Prof.

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